Who are we?
Net100 is an association of web developers with various skills in this line of work.

We build and maintain websites at economic rates and work with our clients to promote and expand their products and sales.

email us at: net100.co.uk

Website types. Choosing the correct type of website for your business or venture is very important.
What do I need and how much will it cost?
Here at Net100 we can advise what type of website may suit your needs best.

You may need a simple 3 page (inexpensive) website that can be updated quickly.

Perhaps a data collection system or an ecommerce site selling goods or services. A phone discussion to assess your needs can be the first action and this is free.

We have a wide range of experience in creating user friendly and administrative internet systems. We can complete the setting up of domains and servers at a low cost and guide you with the selection of important domain names as this may affect your position in Search Engine Rankings later.

Starter sites: 3 Pages.
These will help you get things moving and will prove to be a useful starting point in understanding how to use and understand your website. It will also enable you to test your ideas and potential of a website.
You can include pictures on any pages and we will resize and optimise these so that pages remain fast loading.

Larger Starter Sites.
Usually up to 9 pages but we can accommodate a wide variety of formats.

Business Sites.

Having an excellent business site these days is often fundamental to the success of that enterprise. Customers expect business to have a web presence and expect the site to be easily found, easy to find the information they need and easy to read.

Under this heading we carry out:
General business information sites for products and services.

Ecommerce Sites for selling products and services. These sites usually but not always have a shopping cart and cater for payments and delivering goods.

Data and information collection sites. These can be accommodated either on the internet or confined to a distinct location.
For instance: An office internal network.