web design (our business) advances very rapidly and requires a great deal of dedication and expertise. We can advise which ways may be best for you to enter and progress in this new and rapidly growing market

UK web design & e-commerce

UK Web Designs and SEO we deliver effective internet websites.

People in business often feel they need a Website but are not sure which will be best for them and suspect it may cost too much.

They know their own business very well, otherwise they would not be successful, but the world of web site design is another matter. We can't be experts in everything.

Getting a web design UK built, is important to ensure the ideas, language and feel of the website  is correct for the home market.

The Internet, e-commerce, SEO and website design advance rapidly.
At net100.co.uk we are dedicated to using the best practices and techniques. It is our business.

We can advise the best ways to enter this rapidly growing market.

We cover most aspects of web site design, building, service, maintenance and can if required go on location to carry out photography and other work as required.

So if you are looking for a quality UK website to promote and or sell your products on line contact us. We are based near Norwich in Norfolk but work world wide.

Web design UK Types of web sites


Brochure Web Design

  • Shows your products on your own web site.
  • Useful low cost way to showcase your product and direct customers to where products can be seen and purchased.

We design Shopping on Line

  • Shop or warehouse with shopping system.
  • Shows your products on the Internet.
  • Customer can order and pay for goods on line.

Information Systems

  • Interactive data collection/dispersal service.
  • Collects and makes information available.
  • Usually this information is of a private nature within organistations and requires security systems.

Domain registration and domain hosting

  • Selecting the best domain name is essential. The right name will bring in the best results.
  • We can assist in Selection and the Domain Name Registration of your web site.
  • We carry out fast Web Hosting at very competitive rates.
  • Our prices are very realistic, for example:
    Hosting a .co.uk domain rental including the server charges is from £4.00 per month.
  • emails addresses are provided as required, cost included

Site Maintenance

  • We carry out web site maintenance and updates remotely for customers at a very reasonable cost.
  • or we can arrange for customers to do this for themselves.

Site Promotion


  • A most important part of your site is attracting the right visitors.
  • If you don't get visitors then the site is not working. We can advise the best methods for getting visitors to your site and will assist as required.
  • Have a look at some of the web sites we host and maintain, by selecting the links on the left side of the page.

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